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Sep/30 2008 by Jens Lange

3D Touchscreen Search Engine

New video: 3D Touch Websearch


Boredom can result in a phase of creativity and inspired by a client request we have developed a web search application that is operated through touch screen and displays the results in 3D.

Click to view the video:


I would also like to advert to another video. This is a demo of a multitouch interface with ventuz. Our compliments to cladclad, well done. Looking forward to see the first real applications with this one. 

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Sep/30 2008 by Jens Lange

We are Back

All right, all right, we were lazy, at least regarding this Blog. However, tons of things have happened in the meantime and today we are shoveling the piled-up news out into the blog.

First of all – Ventuz-news:

There is a new Ventuz version.


Her name is ventuz 2008 and there may not be soooo many improvements as expected. BUT… looks are not everything and when it comes to character, there seem to be quite a few novelties. It seems that the new 2008 version might be a good base for new features in the following releases. Ventuz rumors are that shortly a roadmap will be published, telling us when we can expect which improvements. Hear, hear!!! Timetables!!!

There is also a new structure of products. The basic version doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, there is now an express version that has just about the same limitations as the basic with the profound difference that it is for free. A reason for rejoicing should also be the new price structure. The Designer got a little more expensive, however the price for the Presenter was cut by about 50%. For the first time the prices have been published on the website. I have never seen such thing on other websites like vizrt, watchout or others. Congratulations to the new transparency. Ventuz rumors are that shortly, even a roadmap will be published, telling us when we can expect which improvements. Hear, hear!!! Timetables!!!

You can find a free trial version here:

Just insert your email and you will receive the key right away.

Actually at this point I wanted to include my own personal wish list, unfortunately I can’t upload files over 10MB. Too bad…

Find more details about the new release here:

there also is a new Ventuz Design


We are very happy that we were given the opportunity to create the new Ventuz design and the new CI. Please send flowers, congratulations and exuberant comments to me. Criticism goes to where it will be carefully analyzed, discussed internally and taken into consideration for future Ventuz design development. Honestly!

A new Ventuz website


Web stuff is usually not our scope of work but we made an exception and since we were the glorious ones who developed the new logo and the new design, we though it would be kinda stupid to have some other agency that also doesn’t have a clue about design, ruin our great CI. As we always say… if you want something to be done the right way, do it yourself!
Votes and comments can be placed here:

A special thanks goes to Martin who wasn’t afraid to realize our ideas exactly the way we wanted it.

And by the way, yes we are aware of the fact that we haven’t reinvented the internet but we also can’t do everything at the same time.

There are new Ventuz Dongles


Hooray, there are new ventuz dongles. Everyone who knows the old ones (and I don’t mean the very old ones but the ones after that) knows why this is a reason for rejoicing. And since even Maik has been working with a new dongle for several weeks now and didn’t manage to wreck it yet, we have empirical proof that they are actually good for something and don’t give up so easily.

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