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Aug/05 2009 by Jens Lange

by the way… (part 5)

…and here is a little update on our column "by the way". Today “Ventuz CE Art”. Thanks to Ben ….


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Aug/02 2009 by Jens Lange

Augmented Reality again

the German news magazine Spiegel ONLINE write today a interesting article about AUGMENTED REALITY.

read the article here:,1518,639661,00.html

and also here find some Videos, the first one here shows a realy impressive App for iPhone 3GS:

New York Nearest Subway augmented Reality App for iPhone 3GS from acrossair

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Aug/01 2009 by Jens Lange

10 Excellent Services To Get Feedback For Your Design Works

Everybody wants to receive feedback from friends about their hard work, but sometimes we also need opinions coming from complete strangers, maybe some rough critiques about aspects we might have overlooked. This way we could get some ideas on how to upgrade the work. Here are 10 excellent feedback services you should start using right now.

Five Second Test



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