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Feb/25 2010 by Julia Glueck

Repetition compulsion- or CeBIT 2010

We keep doing it. Every year. And every year with the strong will to do things differently this time. And every year we end up doing exactly the same things than the year before. The night shifts, the way too much coffee, the way too many cigarettes

CeBIT 006

the way too little time to get things done. And it´s not only that, we´ve noticed that we tend to repeat everything in an almost autistic manner. People sit in the same spots: (please compare 2008 and 2010 and I swear it looked exactly like this in all the other years ;-)

2007 CeBIT 022  Schafe

I´ve added the picture of the sheep because I learned that sheep do exactly the same thing. Every day the flock of sheep will set out for the meadows at exactly the same time, they will go and grase and return to the barn exactly the same time every day. They will enter in always the same order and for the milking each sheep will always take the exact same slot in the same order like the day before and the day before that and so and so on. Amazing!

Another thing that we seem to need every year is our accomodation. I know we´ve never publicly discussed this matter but we have to share this. Maybe now some of you out there understand why we are the way we are

CeBIT 025 shining CeBIT 026

Noticed something??? I can make it clearer…

shining-1  CeBIT 032


But no – hey we are here and bear good tidings. We´ve come to do good deeds and this year we have come up with even better stuff than the years before.

CeBIT 007CeBIT 015 CeBIT 008

the challenges are breathtaking…     and people are growing to be better than ever before… ehm…or maybe not…

I´ll be back with more.

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Feb/08 2010 by Julia Glueck

ISE Amsterdam, 2.-4.02.2010

We like travelling – that´s why when our friends from eyevis asked us, if we could help them with something awe-inspiring for their exhibition stand at the ISE, we were right there ;-) and created some content that underlined the brilliance of their product event more – and vice versa. Here´s proof:






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Feb/08 2010 by Julia Glueck

UK in general

As it was my first time in the UK, I was most impressed by the way English people manage to fit the most into the tiniest places. We´re speaking restaurants, stores, garages, tubes and here is another example for efficient accomodation:


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Feb/08 2010 by Julia Glueck

Event Production Show, London 2.-3.02.2010

And what a success… The stand of our new co-operation partner Arcstream AV seemed by far the busyiest throughout the whole exhibition. i don´t want to brag but it was also by far the most interesting one.

Here some impressions:






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Feb/04 2010 by Julia Glueck

Event Production Show 2.-3. February, London



We´re basically on our way back from two very successful days at the Event Production Show which took place in London for the past two days. Thanks to our new friends from Arcstream AV we were able to display some of our stuff and after this we hope to come here a lot more often.

I´ll post more once we get home.

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