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Mar/28 2012 by Evi

Once again – we are trying to push our creative boundaries!

A outstanding event presentation concept was created and integrated to the architectural set-up. A highly innovative information display made up of five slanted polygones. One of which was to be a touch interface. The multi-faceted appearance integrated the show car as it embraced the audience.

40 journalists per show experienced Porsche style presentation intimacy incorporating the ultimate in visual and interactive high-tech. Another stereolize proof that there is no limitation to dimensions and format of interactive information display.

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Mar/27 2012 by Evi

Porsche Boxster 981: International car dealer launch in Gran Canaria

Yeah – again, we have some new friends at Porsche :)

This time we got the chance to work for the marketing and event department from Porsche preparing a highly innovative Presentation for their Porsche Boxster launch to the car dealers. A unique and modern golf resort in Gran Canaria was chosen as the perfect location to introduce the new Boxster to the Porsche family.

Here are some first screenshots from our latest Porsche project:

And as you can see here: We are getting better and better! Compared to our first automobile presentations we improved extremely – Now our cars in the Ventuz presentations are even more realistic shaded then ever! Thanks to our fantastic 3D crew!

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Mar/27 2012 by Evi

Bundesdruckerei @ CeBIT 2012

Yes – we also can do small. stereolize realized an interactive didactic installation for Bundesdruckerei. They are one of the worlds leading suppliers of high security technology and solutions and entrusted us with the communication exhibit for the newly introduced German ID card. A well-arranged 40” touch application was the only interactive exhibit on their CeBIT booth. And the beginning of a new friendship.

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Mar/27 2012 by Evi

Porsche 911 Cabrio – Press Launch in Gran Canaria

Another Porsche technical masterpiece needed another stereolize highlight presentation. With simple 16:9 format but stunning graphics and morph animations this presentation marks the everyday compatibility of our communication work. Design-wise we adapted architectural elements in order to seamlessly embed the single 103” display into its backwall.

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Mar/21 2012 by Jens Lange

The worlds biggest interactive whiteboard on TV.

Germanys popular science-show Galileo visited stereolize. on CeBIT 2012.

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Mar/10 2012 by Jens Lange

CeBIT 2012: Boris Backstage – Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen | Microsoft


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Mar/07 2012 by Reiner

stereolize. ON AIR!

If you – for whatever reason you may pretend ;) – cannot visit us on CeBit, watch this!
This is a livestream of our MultiWall concept on MICROSOFT centerstage.


ah yes… the smiling guy in the pic above is Ralph Haupter – Microsoft CEO Germany.

we got press coverage ;)
the cool guy after 01:25 is one of our chief designers: dave (aka headset bug) the wave …

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Mar/07 2012 by Reiner

we love cars!

our second encounter with the huge VOLKSWAGEN group went pretty AWESOME!


This was part of our control center. A custom programmed live system to be able to instantly access any possible content and! to make last minute changes in presentations. Once you have 9 CEO and Charimen of major companies, you know, how important every single word may get – at least for their assistants …


Finally the information block was released, we could free our iphone and computer cams from the security tag and some ultra-cool cars went on stage. Our friends from Porsche introduced the new Boxster series, Bugatti presented their 1200 horsepower cabrio and Lambo showed their one-off – a 2,1 million expensive roaring full cabrio… Did I mention, that we love cars?


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Mar/03 2012 by Reiner

A third one – The secret of St. Tropez

stay tuned on that one too…


setup time for another cool project!

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Mar/03 2012 by Reiner

VOLKSWAGEN GROUP night 2012 – 2 days

Yes we can teamwork. In a huge cross-discipline project with our friends from United Vision and OMstudios we are taking the challenge of 9 different CEO and Chairmen presentations – delivered ULTRA-late ;) We are in top-security mode with even our mobiles and PC cameras sealed …


the above one was shot prior to the appearance of THE CARS! We are quite sure that some of the securities were members of the French Foreign Legion!

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